About The Bakery

Flynn's Bakery began as a small family home, bakery in Tullamore over 40 years ago. In 1983 George and Carmel Flynn opened up their first shop selling their craft breads and confectionery.

Since then our horizons have grown but we have never lost track of our craft heritage. In 1995 Flynn's Bakery on Henry St. was opened, soon after our bakery shops on Bridge St., Tullamore and Church Road Shopping Centre, Tullamore. Our early every morning bakers are up making our craft breads with the same ingredients, and in the same fashion that George Flynn once did back in 1983.

In  2016 we extended our shop on Bridge St., Tullamore into a cafe and restaurant, serving cooked-to-order breakfasts and hot lunches seven days a week. This restaurant offers a beautiful view of the centre of Tullamore as you sit and relax.

Our goal has always been to provide the best quality, fresh craft breads and confectionery, whilst never forgetting our roots and of course the local people of Tullamore and Offaly for all the support down though the years.